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Colour theory Part I

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David & Radcliffe – Colour theory part I
David & Radcliffe – Colour theory part I

My style philosophy? Black. White. Grey. Nude. Repeat. But every once in a while, a little colour never hurts

I'm a strong proponent for the less is more ideology and if you took a peek inside my closet, you'd find a mass of black, white, grey and nude items – accessories and shoes included. Recently, I've also been gravitating towards navy blue, but since that hue is so close to being neutral, I don't think it counts. However, I do own a few prized 'colour' items that I won't be parting with any time soon. And what better way to showcase them than by doing a completely colour-blocked shoot in one of Cape Town's prettiest (and most colourful!) areas, Bo Kaap? 

It can be easy to fall into a style rut, especially, if like me, you've mastered your style uniform to help when you're pressed for time. While all these images are way beyond my expectations, it's not likely I'll be switching up my colour palette any time soon. However, doing this shoot has given me new and endless possibilities of re-incorporating these pieces into my everyday style without losing my fashion identity.

Image 1: The Bridal Edit top and skirt, Aldo heels, Sass Diva necklace worn as bangle

Images 2 and 3: Slick dress, Zara jacket, Topshop boots, Lovisa ear cuff and bracelet

Image 4: Cotton On T-shirt, Topshop jeans, Diesel jacket

Images 5 and 6: Cotton On vest, Vertigo shirt, Topshop jeans, Nike sneakers

Photography: Samantha Pinto