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Down the rabbit hole

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David & Radcliffe ? Down the rabbit hole
David & Radcliffe – Down the rabbit hole
David & Radcliffe – Down the rabbit hole
David & Radcliffe ? Down the rabbit hole

'Curiouser and curiouser!' — Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Who doesn't love fairy tales? As a child, I was reared on both fable and fact, and my love for reading and writing grew from the often fanciful worlds I read about between the pages of heavy volumes. Perhaps my outcome was always going to be 'storyteller', although it seems — and especially on this web site — that my tales are conveyed through imagery instead of words. 

From the artworks of Salvador Dali and Tim Burton's films to the tunes of Jefferson Airplane, and even the fashion and beauty pages of magazines, Lewis Caroll's popular children's story of a girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantastical world of anthropomorphic creatures and bizarre events has been the subject of many interpretations.

Last year, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland celebrated 150 years and plenty of outlets payed homage to its innocent young protagonist and her dream-like world. In the UK, Royal Mail released a set of stamps in her honour while US Vogue did an entire fashion editorial featuring Kendall Jenner. All these reimaginings of the tale of Alice inspired me to create my own interpretation of the classic story loved by millions. Of course, as with all great works that are born from inspiration, my images have drawn on various aspects from both the story's Victorian genesis as well as other expositions, predominantly through its play of movement, illustration and text.

Image 1: The Bridal Edit dress, Jeffrey Campbell boots

Image 2: Salsa cardigan, The Bridal Edit skirt

Image 3: The Bridal Edit dress, Therapy boots at Superbalist

Image 4: The Bridal Edit dress, Bodhisattva belt, Forever New heels

Photography and design: Josh Adams