David & Radcliffe

Easy does it

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David & Radcliffe – Easy does it
David & Radcliffe – Easy does it
David & Radcliffe – Easy does it
David & Radcliffe – Easy does it
David & Radcliffe – Easy does it

Summer's intense heat calls for that ever elusive cool pairing of denims and tee

I've always been more of a dress-up rather than dress-down type of girl. Case in point? My wardrobe mostly consists of cocktail dresses, evening gowns, faux furs, pretty blouses and a plethora of heels. Needless to say, getting dressed on an average day is a pretty difficult task for me! 

So, on most days, I find myself turning to my trusty denims as they can be taken from laid-back to office chic with just a pair of heels and the right shade of lipstick (no kidding). With the relentless heat of long summer days, and a mere three pairs of jeans to my name, my mission this month is to find that elusive pairing of white T-shirt and effortless jeans, the kind that can carry you from a hot day to a cool night with just an addition of a cute cover-up or edgy jacket. I highly doubt this will become my everyday uniform but on those days when a skirt just won't do, a pair of trusty jeans and a well-fitted tee may be just what's needed.

Images 1 and 2: Cotton On vest and jeans, Old Khaki jacket

Image 3: Old Khaki top, Topshop jeans

Image 4: Old Khaki hat, blouse, kimono and jeans

Images 5 and 6: Poetry T-shirt and jacket, Topshop jeans, Mr Price necklace

Image 7: Poetry T-shirt, H&M jeans

Photography: Samantha Pinto