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Hair today, gone tomorrow

BeautyZainab Slemang

Short hair, don't care... 

I've always had a fascination with short hair. Perhaps because I wasn't allowed to get a proper chop until I was well into my teens (read: after high school). And with my pin-straight locks, I've never quite known what to do with my hair. The obvious styles were loose and a ponytail — not very creative, but neither is my everyday morning routine: some mascara, a swipe of blush, a slick of lipgloss or lipstick. So a low maintenance haircut to accompany my get-up-and-go attitude was all that was needed.

Besides my long hair getting boring and the endless hours I wasted trying to style it up, it never looked quite as effortless as it did on other people. After slowly going shorter and shorter with my trims over the years, about four years ago, I went really short. Think a Nineties' bob à la Winona Ryder. Easy, simple and not high maintenance at all, right? Wrong. Turns out sleeping as haphazardly as I do most often resulted with one side of my hair curled outwards while the other was all neat and curled under my chin — so not the look I was going for!

Then in 2015, the lob hit the beauty scene and I was hooked. Not too long that I didn't know what to do with it but not too short that I couldn't swing a mini pony or a topknot on bad days. The perfect, effortless style for straighter than straight hair. 

After a year, my hair's grown well below my shoulders and I was already bored. So I decided to snip it again — but slightly shorter than the last time and with a gradual length towards the front. Never mind Blake Lively's perfect voluminous waves or Selena Gomez's long layers. The lob serves me well, whether I decide to wash-and-go, create messy waves or pin it all back in an updo. 

Photography: Kauthar Slemang & Raheemah Boomgaardt