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Collecting clothes, collecting memories...

While my love of clothing stems from binge-watching too many teen-angst shows that coveted material possessions as much, if not more, than drama-filled relationships, my love of style originated in an entirely different place — and with someone completely different from the Carrie Bradshaws, Marissa Coopers and Blair Waldorfs of the television world: my mom. She of late nights, tables piled high with fabric, hundreds of pins and needles stashed everywhere and rolls of cotton stuffed in boxes, under tables, on shelves. I remember, as a toddler wanting to be with my mom at night — who at that time was working on her own projects in a little room stuck to the back of my grandparents' home after completing a full day of work elsewhere — and they would gently lift me up and through the back window, down on to her work table where a nest of blankets awaited my arrival. There, I'd curl up and doze off to the steady rhythm of her scissor slicing through fabric, the whir of her sewing machine and sometimes the hushed tones of her idle chatter to my dad who always popped in for a visit or to lend a hand.

While those days are far behind me, some things haven't changed much: my mom still works from home (albeit in a room now inside her own house), her fabrics, pins and cotton still jut out from every available space, and both my dad and I still pop by for a visit. Only, these days, I'm awake for most of it, we enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and I'm constantly urging her to expand so more of the world (even if it's simply the tiny part of the world we occupy) can experience the craftsmanship, attention to detail and complete care she endows on each and every garment she produces.

After years of nagging from my sisters and me — and endless requests from friends, colleagues and even complete strangers — my mom's finally given in. We've poured weeks of labour into photo and video shoots, web site design and editing so she can unveil her very own web site, bridaledit.com, featuring her first made-to-order ready-to-wear line as well as a couture bridal service. 

Photography: Samantha Pinto

Videography: Josh Adams

Beauty: Faldela Khalideen

Models: Zainab Slemang van Rijmenant, Kauthar and Saarah Slemang