David & Radcliffe

The lust list

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David & Radcliffe – The lust list
David & Radcliffe – The lust list
David & Radcliffe – The lust list

'Tis the time for new fashion. With my minimalist mindset, I tend to limit my purchases and invest in key items. Here's what's on my wishlist

When I first conceptualised this post, I knew it was highly ambitious. Gathering my most-wanted fashion purchases for a shoot was going to be extremely difficult, so why not have fashion illustrations of them instead? I could get someone to illustrate the items straight off the runway or from a lookbook. 

 Except... I wanted to be wearing the clothing. 

So, along with my trusted partner-in-crime and the maestro behind the lens of the majority of my shoots, Samantha, I also enlisted the help of my incredibly talented friend Cuppajesse who creates adorable doodles and other amazing art in her spare time.

The result? A whack of awesomeness that I can't even describe (and that took weeks of planning, and horrible line drawings and crazy gestures on my part). 

Image 1: Acler shirt and trousers

Image 2: Burberry trenchcoat, Madison New York heels, Louis Vuitton handbag

Image 3: Balmain x H&M blazer, Nike sneakers

Photography and design: Samantha Pinto

Illustrations: Cuppajesse