David & Radcliffe

Ocean air, salty hair

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David & Radcliffe – Ocean air, salty hair
David & Radcliffe – Ocean air, salty hair
David & Radcliffe – Ocean air, salty hair
David & Radcliffe – Ocean air, salty hair

What to do when faced with a closet full of clothing you've only worn once but can't bear to part with? Take it to the beach... duh!

Since embracing the minimalist philosophy,  I've often felt the guilt that accompanies what I know to be an unnecessary purchase, but what — in my crazy reality — I can't bear parting with. For the most part, I'm able to practice constraint but when it comes to Eid, I can't seem to exercise control.

Each Eid (there are two: Eid-ul-Fitr, which takes place after observing the holy month of Ramadaan, and Eid-ul-Adha, known as the Feast of Sacrifice when Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) followed Allah SWT's command to sacrifice his son Ismaeel)*, I giddily trawl the internet looking for elegant, modest attire. From runway images and blog and magazine editorials to red carpet looks and even stills from my favourite TV shows and films, I consume beautiful imagery of clothing as though starved for millennia.

Needless to say, I have quite a few difficult-to-part with items in my closet, and although I tell myself I'll wear them again, I hardly ever do. So, in sticking with a curated closet that's only filled with items I love and wear, I pulled out several pieces that haven't seen the light of day for a few months (with the exception of my last look, which, is a combination of my most recent Eid look and items I wear regularly).

Although it was a freezing winter's day on the beach (my poor puppy Flash was so cold, we ended up wrapping him in a large beach towel and he slept the afternoon away), I braved the elements to prove that there was still plenty of wear to be had from these items. And I'm not sorry.

The lighting was amazing, the sand deserted and I found new reasons to love each item. Additionally, I also remember why I fell in love with some pieces in the first place — and which ones I was ready to relinquish. 

Images 1–6: All garments by The Bridal Edit, Sass Diva necklace worn as belt

Images 7 and 8: Mango blazer, Seafolly swimsuit, The Bridal Edit skirt

Photography: Samantha Pinto

Check out the teaser for David & Radcliffe, shot by the incredible Josh Adams, over on my YouTube channel.

*This explanation has been added to enlighten those readers who know little or nothing of the Islamic faith. If you have any more questions or feel my views and opinions are incorrect, feel free to tweet or email me.