David & Radcliffe

Oh my lash!

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David & Radcliffe – Oh my lash!
David & Radcliffe – Oh my lash!

Sometimes my work leads me to an 'Oh my gosh' moment — and I wouldn't have it any other way

Throughout my career in media, and even now that I'm no longer in publishing, the one constant question that leaps off people's tongues like a perennial nightmare I can't wake from is: 'So what do you do?'.

'Journalist' is always an acceptable answer but since expanding my portfolio, it's become decidedly difficult to place myself in any one box. My social media biographies brazenly proclaim 'Creator & curator' but even those terms are in themselves vague and are often met with ostracised glares and grunts of 'Bloggers these days...'. Not that blogging doesn't form a large part of what I do. In fact, 40% of my previous role as an editor of two magazines included constant blogging and social media updates.

These days, however, depending on the project I'm working on or the skills I need to complete a task, on any given day I am a combination of writer, social media manager, strategist, creative, photographer, manager, communications coordinator, stylist, consultant, curator and producer. 

And in these roles, I've had the good fortune to work with some amazing brands and some truly inspirational people that often lead me — and them — to have moments where all you can say is 'Oh my gosh – this is incredible!' Case in point: ONQ Lashes, a derivative of ONQ Makeup, whose recent social media campaign I was fortunate enough to be a part of. Not only are Qaanita's lashes top quality but the work she's put into her overall brand — while working a day job and running a household that includes kids — is applaudable.

And it's for this reason that I keep doing what I do: to create beautiful 'Oh my gosh' moments for people and brands that I can be proud of.  

Concept & photography: HYVE Collective

Styling: Zainab Slemang van Rijmenant

Beauty: ONQ Makeup