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Premium rush

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David & Radcliffe – Premium rush
David & Radcliffe – Premium rush
David & Radcliffe – Premium Rush
David & Radcliffe – Premium Rush

Not nailing the sports luxe trend is so chic, no?

The idea for this webitorial was born from my new-found fascination with the sports luxe trend, which markedly has been around for some time (quick to the party, I am not, it seems), and the exhilaration of being airborne — if for mere seconds.

The eventual result was more glam than sporty (read: hardly any sports attire was harmed during the making of this shoot), but the process itself was completely fun. Cue getting stuck in the foam pit, wearing ridiculously inappropriate clothing that flapped while jumping on trampolines and conquering my fear of heights while attempting to find the ideal vantage point to get the perfect shot (FYI: it's the second in this post although that balance beam is no walk in the park either ;). 

And while this shoot was a lot of hard work, I did get to enjoy all Rush Trampoline Park in Claremont has to offer when it opened its doors six weeks ago. That's not to say I won't be back there very soon. This time though, comfy leggings and a T-shirt will do.

Image 1: Cotton On vest and jeans, River Island tank top, Diesel shirt

Images 2 and 3: River Island dress, Mango blazer

Image 4: The Bridal Edit jumpsuit

Photography by Samantha Pinto