David & Radcliffe


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David & Radcliffe – Supernova
David & Radcliffe – Supernova
David & Radcliffe – Supernova
David & Radcliffe – Supernova

Not merely trends, purple − and ombré − are smash hits in the hair world

A couple of years ago, the ombré (literally meaning 'shaded' in French) hair trend had just surfaced − and I was all for it! For months, I toyed with the idea of having my hair gradually blending from dark brown to blue but never ended up having it done. Instead, I chopped off most of my locks

Fast forward 18 months and I finally took the plunge, this time opting for purple. Why purple? Well, for starters, the hair colour, like the trend, is basically a supernova. It came on to the scene with a bang and has only increased in popularity.

The colour also goes really well with most outfits (especially those of the black-white-grey variety that I'm partial to). And it plays nice with other purple (and blue) hues, such as dark purple lipstick, metallic purple eyeshadow (seen here on my ear), lilac and purple nail colours, as well as bright purple eyeliner. 

My hair's faded out to a nice grey-ish tint since this shoot but I'm keen on giving it new life again soon. The only question is, should I go for the chop or colour it again?

Photography: Samantha Pinto

Videography: Imaad Griffiths

Beauty: Megan Wridgway

Hair colour: Tracy Murphy at The Tamed Barber